Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the Website.

General Provisions

Please read these terms and conditions (hereinafter - "Agreement"/ "Terms and Conditions") carefully before using the website.

The website is owned and managed by LLC "Supta Saxli" (ID Number 202458893, hereinafter - "Company" / "сh.ge"), which is a retail sales network and its trading facilities are located in cities and regions of Georgia.

Through the ch.ge website of the electronic store, users can purchase the products posted on the website.

By registering on the website and placing an order, you agree to these terms and conditions. Please note that if you do not agree to the terms and conditions below, you will not be able to purchase the products. You are bound by these terms and conditions.

The present terms and conditions are compiled in compliance with the legislation of Georgia and are pre-established, intended for multiple use, conditions that ch.ge establishes for the user and through which the relationship between the user and ch.ge is regulated.

The Company is entitled to make changes and/or additions to these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting them on the same website. In the event that such a change is made to the rules and conditions, which according to the Law of Georgia on "Protection of Consumer Rights" requires the consent of the user, the user will be notified 5 (five) working days before the entry into force of the said change through publication on the website and/or e-mail. If the user makes an order through the website after the effective date of the changes, it will be considered that she/he accepts the changes. If you do not agree to the updated terms and conditions, you are given the opportunity to stop using the website.

Definition of Terms

a) Company - LLC "Supta House"  (ID Number 202458893), also referred to as ch.ge / company;

b) Consumer - a person ordering, purchasing goods for personal needs, or a natural person with such intention;

c) Goods/Products - any movable item, as well as property placed in and/or distributed in digital form;

d) contractor/courier - a third party through whom the ordered products are delivered to the customer;

e) Defective products - products that do not correspond to the description provided by the company to the customer or are not suitable for the purpose for which they are normally used. The photo of the products posted on the website may not correspond to the actual visual of the products, which is not considered a defect of the goods;

f) Distance contract - hereinafter "agreement", which is concluded between the company and the customer using only one or more means of remote communication, through an organized scheme of distance purchase or service delivery, and does not require the physical presence of the customer and the company.

g) receiving person - the customer who made the order, and/or the person authorized to receive the order.

h) Order - confirmation of the desire to purchase a range of goods selected by the user (remote purchase).

i) Universal identifier - an individual identification number assigned to the user by the company.

k) Cart - means of saving the products selected by the user on the company's website to his personal account.

l) Registration – in accordance with the rules and conditions, the user goes through special procedures on the ch.ge website, which means that the user enters his name, surname, e-mail address, mobile phone number. After specifying the account password and verifying the e-mail specified by the user, to open the user's personal account on the ch.ge website, the website ch.ge gives her/him the opportunity to pass authorization.

m) Authorization - in accordance with the rules and conditions, the user enters the personal account on the ch.ge website based on the data required for authorization. Authorization is a function of the right of special access to the information resources available on the ch.ge website, it is related to computer and information security and, among other rights and privileges, gives the user the right to enter his personal account in order to use the ch.ge website, Also, to manage and edit his account and the data reflected in the account.

Article 1. Signing a distance contract

1.1. A distance contract is considered concluded after the user agrees to these terms and conditions while registering on ch.ge. The execution of an order (distance purchase) by the user means that he agrees to the mentioned terms and conditions in full, and accepts the purchase, delivery and other important conditions.

1.2. In case of questions and/or complaints regarding the terms of the agreement and this website, users can contact the ch.ge hotline at the number: 032 261 11 51 or e-mail: contact@ch.ge

Article 2. Posted links

2.1 Some links on this website will take the user to websites that are not under the control of ch.ge. When the user activates any other link on this website, he automatically leaves the ch.ge website. Accordingly, ch.ge is not responsible for the operations carried out by them on such websites.

Article 3. Statements and Warranties

3.1 By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the user (in the case of a legal entity, its authorized representative) confirms that:

3.1.1 is an adult (18 years or older) natural person;

3.1.2. has full (unlimited) capacity, is not under the influence of narcotic, alcoholic, psychotropic or toxic drugs, under the influence of fraud, pressure, threats or any illegal activity and is not the object of violence, threats, deception, misleading or other prohibited actions;

3.1.3. is fully aware of the content of the manifestation of his will, the essence of the provisions of the terms and conditions and the legal consequences arising from it;

3.1.4. he has familiarized himself with the terms and conditions and these terms are acceptable to him;

3.1.5. All data presented by him is accurate;

3.1.6. is not engaged in or participating in any illegal activity (including money laundering, arms trafficking, terrorism or other illegal activity) under the laws of any jurisdiction (which includes the laws of Georgia and the laws of the country of which the User is a citizen);

3.1.7. During the opening of the personal account and for the entire period of validity of the agreement, carried out activities and/or actions are/will be in compliance with local and/or international legislation.

3.1.8. Her/His action is not/will not be aimed at deceiving ch.ge and/or any third party. Taking into account the mentioned principle, the document and/or information submitted by him to ch.ge for the conclusion of the contract or based on it and its execution is/will be true, accurate and complete at the moment of its presentation;

3.1.9. She/He will conscientiously, completely and thoroughly fulfill his obligations under the present rules and conditions;

3.1.10. The user agrees that ch.ge may search/verify and process any personal information and/or universal identifiers specified or related to you after opening a personal account, until termination of the Agreement.

3.1.11. The user shall immediately notify ch.ge in writing of all circumstances(s) that may conflict with his/her said statement and/or cause a breach of said warranties;

3.1.12. ch.ge enters into an agreement based on the representations, warranties and obligations contained in these terms and conditions and considers them to be the terms of the agreement. Accordingly, after the conclusion of the contract, the violation of the statements, guarantees and obligations provided for in this article is a sufficient reason for ch.ge to unilaterally refuse to provide all or any of the services provided for in the contract and conditions.

3.1.13. She/He is aware that copyright and other intellectual property rights apply to the website design, basic program code, software and other material and are therefore subject to protection;

3.1.14. will not use any software equipped with artificial intelligence in connection with the use of the Service;

Article 4. Opening and use of user account

4.1. In order to use the website, the user must register on the ch.ge website;

4.2. For registration, the user must enter mandatory information in the relevant fields (name, surname, e-mail address, phone number, password required for authorization, which is known only to the user and which the system does not store in an open form and is not available to anyone except the user).

4.3. The user, after registration, receives a verification link on at the indicated e-mail address, which confirms the authenticity of the mail, and only after passing the verification, she/he can place the order. Each time the account is used, the user must be authenticated through the website.

4.4. Users can register/authorize on the ch.ge website through Facebook, Google or other Internet service-based social networks/electronic systems accounts (hereinafter "Social Network Account").

4.5. To use ch.ge services:

4.5.1. The user is obligated to always keep his personal account information safe and never disclose it to third parties.

4.5.2 The user assumes full responsibility for any actions performed under her/his account. The company fully disclaims responsibility for any damage caused by third-party access to the user's account. The user is obligated to change his password and in the event that the user has a reasonable suspicion that the information needed to enter into her/his personal account, such as the password has been stolen, lost, illegally obtained, used without permission or otherwise appropriated, she/he must immediately contact the ch.ge customer service center tel: 032 261 11 51; Failure to comply with the said obligation will endanger the security of the user's personal account and will result in his liability for any loss/damage.

4.5.3 By opening a personal account, the user represents and warrants that he does not violate any laws or regulations by opening a personal account. He is obligated to protect the interests of ch.ge and to compensate ch.ge for all the damages caused to him as a result of the user's violation of the requirements stipulated in this clause;

4.5.4 The user is obligated to ensure the accuracy of the information in her/his personal account and its updating.

4.5.5 ch.ge will not be responsible for the damage caused by the user's non-fulfillment of obligations stipulated in clause 4.5 of this agreement.

4.5.6 ch.ge is entitled, at any time, to request from the user confirmation of the correctness of the information or presentation of documents or other evidence;

Article 5. Carrying out the order and payment by the user

5.1. After completing the registration, the user can go through the authorization on the website, choose the desired product/products and add them to the cart.

5.2. To purchase products, after placing the product in the shopping cart, the user is taken to the checkout page, where she/he will see the final payment amount (including shipping and other additional costs (if any).

5.3. The user will be able to receive the products purchased through ch.ge according to the terms of delivery specified in this agreement.

5.4. In case, despite the information posted on the website, the company does not have a specific product in stock, the company is obligated to immediately notify the customer and, according to the customer's wish, change or cancel the specific order.

5.5. The Company reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to cancel the order in whole or in part, which shall be immediately notified to the Customer.

5.5. At сh.ge, the user pays with the company's loyalty card, VISA or MASTERCARD or American Express card. Identification of the card or execution of the transaction is entirely at the prerogative of the settlement bank. The transaction is carried out through a secure website, which is the property of the respective settlement bank.

5.6. By filling in the details of the bank card, the user confirms that the bank card used during the payment of the order value belongs to him personally and there is no place for its improper use.

5.7. The customer's obligation will be considered fulfilled from the moment when the cost of specific products, including other additional costs (if any) will be paid by the customer to ch.ge's relevant bank account, and the customer will be notified of successful payment. After fulfilling the mentioned obligation, the ordered products will be delivered in accordance with the terms of delivery.

5.8. If, based on a specific customer's order, the company is obligated to refund the customer, the company will refund the corresponding amount to the customer by crediting it to the same bank account within 5 working days after confirming the refund.

Article 6. Terms of delivery

6.1. The ch.ge delivery service in the company's online store is available throughout Tbilisi and its surroundings (Tskneti, Kojori, Kiketi, Kvemo and Zemo Fonichala, Shindisi, Tkhinvala, Okrokana, Lilo village, Didi Lilo, Lisi village, Mukhatskaro, Mukhatgadis, Mskhaldidi).

6.2. The delivery period is 1-3 working days. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the delivery period may be extended, which will be additionally notified to the customer. The delivery price is determined according to the purchase price, namely:

The delivery fee for purchases up to 100 GEL is 4 GEL;

 In case of purchase over 100 GEL, delivery is free;

6.3. The user will be able to receive the products purchased through ch.ge under the conditions specified in this article.

6.4. The customer specifies the delivery address of the product at each order. He can add a new address to each order.

6.5. If the user wants another person to receive the order instead of her/him, in this case, she/he must provide ch.ge with information of the receiving person, namely, name, surname, address, and phone number, in the appropriate address field of the order, so that ch.ge can correctly identify the picker. .

6.6. In order to receive the order without issue, the user must fill in the requested information carefully, correctly and completely.

6.7. The delivery of the ordered product to the customer is carried out by the contractor, through a third party. Before delivering the order to the customer, the courier will contact her/him and agree on the delivery time

6.8. The company is not responsible for late and/or untimely fulfillment of its obligations by the courier.

6.9. If the customer does not receive the order within 3 working days from the confirmation provided in clause 5.7 of this agreement, she/he must immediately notify the ch.ge hotline at 0322 61 11 51 and after identifying the problem, ch.ge will take care of timely elimination of any misunderstandings/defects.

6.10. In case of an incomplete address and/or incorrect indication of the contact phone number, as well as failure to answer the courier's call on the phone, the product will be returned to the warehouse and stored for 14 calendar days.

6.11. Due to the expiration of the above-mentioned period of storage in the warehouse and/or the refusal of the receiving person to accept the order, ch.ge's obligation will be considered fulfilled and the amount paid will not be returned to the customer.

6.12. The customer is obligated to check the order immediately after receiving the order and not to accept defective products.

Article 7. Risk of accidental loss or spoilage of goods

7.1. The risk of accidental loss or damage to the goods passes to the customer after the customer or consignee obtains actual possession of the goods.

Article 8. Claims and advertising

8.1. If the goods are found to be defective, the customer has the right to request the company to eliminate the defect (repair or replace the goods free of charge, reduce the price) or withdraw from the contract.

8.2. In the case of defective products or an order received by mistake, the user is obligated, upon discovering the defect, no later than 48 hours, to take a photo of the received product showing the damage and/or error, and to inform ch.ge about this fact by e-mail. To the mail: contact@ch.ge or contact via the hotline 032 2 61 11 51. In addition, the user is obligated to fill in the advertisement form posted on the website. (click here to fill out the form)

8.3. The customer has the right to request that ch.ge repair or replace the goods free of charge, unless this is impossible due to the nature of the goods or requires a disproportionate or inappropriately high cost.

8.4. ch.ge will discuss the problematic issue, communicate with the customer and respond accordingly no later than 48 hours after the request is registered.

8.5. Defective products will be repaired or replaced by the company within a reasonable time without causing significant inconvenience to the customer, taking into account the nature of the goods and the purpose for which they purchased the goods.

8.6. The customer has the right to request a reduction in the price of the goods or to refuse the contract/relevant order if one of the following conditions exists:

a) the goods cannot be repaired or replaced;

 b) the company did not repair or replace the goods within a reasonable time and the consumer lost interest in the performance of the contract;

c) repair or replacement of goods by the company will cause significant disruption to the customer;

8.7. The customer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract if the defect in the goods is insignificant.

8.8. ch.ge is responsible for the appearance, integrity of the packaging and expiration date of the offered product.

8.9. The damage caused by the use/consumption of the purchased product is subject to full compensation by the company, if it is confirmed by the expert opinion of the laboratory accredited in accordance with the standards of the state of Georgia, that the damage is caused directly by ch.ge's fault. However, the damage must not result from the violation of the instructions accompanying the product, careless or non-intended use.

8.10. If the consumer discovers the defect in the goods 6 months after taking possession of the goods, the burden of proving that the defect existed at the time of delivery of the goods is on the consumer.

8.11. The customer has the right to enjoy the rights provided for in clauses 8.1-8.7 of this agreement in the event that a defect in the goods was found within 2 years after the goods were handed over to him.

Article 9. The right to refuse the contract

9.1. The customer has the right, without specifying any reason (except for the exceptions established by clause 9.5 of these terms and conditions), to refuse the distance contract/separate order within 14 calendar days. The mentioned period shall be counted as:

a) from receiving possession of the goods by the customer or the receiving person designated by her/him (except the contractor) or

b) in the case of partial ordering of the goods by the user - from the receipt of the last item by the user or the receiving person specified by her/him (except the contractor);

c) in the case of a contract for the regular (determined periodicity) delivery of goods - from the first time the customer or a third party designated by her/him (except the carrier) takes possession of the item.

9.2. In case of withdrawal from the contract by the customer, she/he will not be charged any costs (including delivery costs), unless the customer has chosen a more expensive delivery service than the standard delivery service offered by the company (if any) or the price of the goods has been reduced as a result of use which is not related to the nature, characteristics and functionality of the goods.

9.3. Refusal of an individual order (remote purchase) by the user leads only to the cancellation of the specific corresponding order and does not affect the validity of this agreement. The user is entitled to terminate this agreement by sending an appropriate notice. This Agreement shall be deemed to be terminated on the next business day after receiving the relevant notice.

9.4. The customer is obligated to send to the company a completed form (to fill out the form, please click here) or other unequivocal evidence, which reflects the customer's decision to return the goods, to the company within the period established by clause 9.1. The burden of proving the exercise of the right to withdraw from the contract provided for in this article within the established period rests with the customer.

9.5. The customer does not have the right to refuse the contract if:

a) the company fully fulfilled its obligations under the contract, it started providing the service with the prior consent of the customer, and the customer knew that in case of full acceptance of the service, he would lose the right to refuse the contract;

b) the contract stipulates that the price of the delivered goods or services depends on the change in the financial market, which the company cannot control and which occurred within the period established by this law for the exercise of the right to refuse the contract;

c) Hermetically protected goods were delivered, but their hermeticity was broken after delivery and, therefore, the goods cannot be returned due to compliance with health or hygiene norms;

d) delivered goods were inseparably combined with other goods during delivery, depending on its characteristics;

e) delivered goods are perishable or have a short shelf life;

f) the delivered goods or services are made to the customer's individual order or are clearly tailored to his personal needs;

g) in other cases provided for by law.

9.6. As a result of the refusal of the contract, the obligations entered into by the parties under the distance contract/separate order are nullified, and the obligations received by the parties are returned to the parties.

9.7. In case of refusal of the contract, the company is obligated to:

a) refund the amount paid to the customer, as well as, if any, the amount paid to compensate for the cost of delivery, no later than 14 calendar days after receiving the notice of withdrawal from the contract. The Company is not obliged to refund to the User the amount paid to compensate for the additional cost associated with the User choosing a non-standard or more expensive delivery service than the one offered by the Company;

b) to reimburse the amount using the same means of payment that the customer used, unless the customer agrees to use another means of payment and no additional costs arise.

c) In case of cancellation of the contract, the company has the right to refuse to refund the money until it returns the goods or receives from the customer a document confirming the shipment of the goods, whichever is earlier unless the company itself has undertaken to take back the goods.

9.8. In case of rejection of the contract, the user is obligated to:

a) to return the goods to the company immediately after sending the notice of withdrawal from the contract, but no later than 7 calendar days.

b) pay only the direct cost of returning the goods.

Article 10. Account operation and account closure

10.1. сh.ge is entitled to unilaterally terminate or limit the user's right to use the website, through a message sent to e-mail, at any time, if it considers that the requirements of these terms and conditions have been violated. In this case, the account is closed or its use is restricted from the moment of delivery of the notification specified in this article.

10.2. The user has the right to stop using ch.ge's website at any time, to cancel the authorized user, which should be notified to the company by e-mail at contact@ch.ge. The Company shall comply with the User's appeal no later than 3 working days after receiving the notification, after which the Authorized User created by the User shall be closed.

Article 11. Protection of personal data, confidentiality

11.1. By using the website, the user confirms that she/he agrees to ch.ge collecting, using and storing the personal information provided by the user and agrees to all the terms of using the ch.ge website.

11.2. сh.ge respects the applicable regulations regarding personal data and conducts its activities in accordance with the requirements of the Law of Georgia "On Personal Data Protection". Personal data sent by the user will be processed by ch.ge for contractual purposes with the user.

11.3. Personal data is protected and will not be transferred to third parties, except for the cases stipulated by the legislation of Georgia.

11.4. If necessary, in the presence of grounds for data processing, in order to fulfill obligations imposed by law or contract and to the appropriate extent, the user's personal data may be shared with authorized representatives of ch.ge and other persons listed below:

 11.4.1. with the legal representative of the user;

 11.4.2. with law enforcement bodies, regulatory or other bodies defined by legislation;

11.4.3. with third parties for whom the user requests or allows to share data;

11.4.5. with third parties for whom the sharing of information is necessary to ensure the delivery of goods requested by the user;

11.4.6. Service provider - with companies that provide services to ch.ge or provide services on behalf of ch.ge;

11.4.7. in cases provided for by law, with relevant third parties;

11.4.8. In order to deliver advertising materials related to the user and related to the services, products, services, website and applications (direct marketing), ch.ge may directly use the user's personal information, which is limited to the user's name, e-mail address or telephone number or use third party subcontractors/affiliates/joint marketing partners/business partners for this. To do this, ch.ge may share and disclose personal information with marketing partners.

11.5. The user agrees to periodically receive e-mail notifications about discounts and special offers. If the user does not want to receive such information, the text of each message will contain instructions on how to cancel receiving it, and the user has the right to revoke the given consent at any time.

11.6. сh.ge may use the user's personal data to inform them of specific products and offers.

11.7. ch.ge keeps the user's personal data for the entire period of the user's service, as well as for a period of up to 10 years after the end of the service or for a longer period in cases stipulated by the law.

11.8. The storage of personal data does not include the storage of information regarding the user's bank account.

11.9. сh.ge does not grant access to the bank details specified by the user.

11.10. The user has the right to request the correction, update, addition, blocking, deletion or destruction of his personal data if they are incomplete, inaccurate, not updated or if their collection and processing were carried out against the law.

11.11. Any information ch.ge collects may be used to:

11.11.1. to personalize the user experience (user information helps the company to easily respond to the individual needs of the user);

11.11.2. to improve сh.ge's website (сh.ge is constantly trying to improve its website offerings based on the information and feedback it receives from users);

11.11.3. To improve customer service (customer information helps ch.ge provide effective feedback and support customer requests);

11.11.4. to process transactions;

11.11.5. Information about the customer, whether public or private, will not be used, exchanged, transferred to any other company for any reason, without the consent of the customer, except for the direct purpose of delivering the purchased goods.

11.12. The email address provided by the user may be used to send information and updates related to the user's order, to receive company news, updates, product information, etc.

Note: If the user wishes to unsubscribe from the newsletter, ch.ge will post detailed unsubscribe instructions at the bottom of each email.

11.13. By using the сh.ge website, the user agrees to the privacy policy.

11.14. In case of changes to the privacy policy, ch.ge will publish the changes on the website and update the date of the change to the privacy policy.

11.15. In case of questions or complaints, the user can contact thee-mail of ch.ge at  the mail address: contact@ch.ge, or contact the personal data protection service: personaldata.ge.

11.16. Any information that becomes known to the parties while using the website is confidential information. The user is obligated, without the written consent of the company, not to disclose the confidential information to third parties and/or  to not use it personally. Otherwise, the company is entitled to demand compensation for the damage caused. The obligation to protect confidential information is effective from the moment of registration on the website and is maintained for 10 years after the termination of use of the website.

Article 12. Cookie files

12.1. сh.ge uses cookies. "Cookies" are small files that the website's service provider transfers to the user's computer's hard drive through your browser (if you allow it), which allow the websites or service provider's systems to recognize the user's browser and capture and remember certain information).

12.2. сh.ge uses "cookie" files to help remember and process items in the user's shopping cart, understand and store user preferences for future visits, and to track user advertisements.

12.3. If the user wants to limit "cookies" or block them on the ch.ge website, this can be done by changing the settings of the user's browser.

12.4. By deleting "cookies" some services offered by ch.ge may be blocked and may not function.

Article 13. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution Procedure

13.1. The present terms and conditions are regulated and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Georgia;

13.2. Georgia is considered the place of performance of the terms by the parties;

13.3. Any official communication between the parties is carried out in writing. The written form is equal to the message sent via e-mail. The e-mail address specified during registration on the website is used for communication with the user.

13.4. Any disputes or disagreements relating to these Terms or their interpretation shall be resolved by negotiation between the parties;

13.5. If the parties fail to reach an agreement through negotiation within 30 (thirty) calendar days, the parties will apply to the Georgian court.