Placing an Order (conclusion of the contract) and Payment by the user 

After completing the registration, the user can go through the authorization on the website, choose the desired product/products and add them to the cart.

To purchase products, after placing the product in the shopping cart, the user is taken to the checkout page, where she/he will see the final payment amount (including shipping and other additional costs (if any). Registration;

The user will be able to receive the products purchased through according to the delivery terms and service rules selected by her/him in advance.

Through, the customer pays with the points accumulated on the Supta Saxli loyalty card or by VISA or MASTERCARD or another credit card. Identification of the card or execution of the transaction is entirely the prerogative of the settlement bank. The transaction is carried out through a secure website, which is the property of the respective settlement bank.

The user's obligation will be considered fulfilled from the moment when the value of specific products, including the value of relevant services, is fully reflected by the user in the relevant bank account of

The customer specifies the delivery address of the product during each order. She/He can add a new address to each order or use the address templates she/he has already created in her/his personal account.
The recipient of the product can be: the buyer herself/himself (the user), any other person specified personally by the user.
If the customer wants another person to receive the order instead of her/him, in the address field of the order, she/he must indicate the data of the receiving person, namely, first name, last name, personal number and phone number, so that can correctly identify the reciever and hand over the product.

In order to receive the order without flaw, it is necessary to fill in the requested information carefully, correctly and completely, namely: name and surname, contact phone number and address.

If the delivery of the order fails due to the absence or incorrect/incomplete address being specified at the address field in the order, or due to the refusal of the receiving person to accept the order,'s obligation shall be deemed fulfilled, and the order shall be subject to cancellation.
No later than 5 working days after the cancellation of the order for any of the reasons mentioned above, the amount paid will be returned to the customer's bank account, minus the delivery costs. A prerequisite for delivery of a canceled order is that the customer places the order again, in which case she/he also pays the delivery costs again.